Thursday, October 8, 2009

I live at McDonald's now

So, I am sorry for not writing recently. In France, everything takes a million years and a day to accomplish, so I am still waiting for internet at my apartment.

Therefore, I now live at McDonald's. And have gained 10 pounds (well not yet, because I walk like a million miles a day as well, so it kind of cancels out).

Anyways, in short, I have started teaching, and the children are adorable! I am so excited! I have been asked if there are cats in America, and also if I know Michael Jackson.

I'm excited to get this teaching show on the road, and also be more connected to the world. Hopefully that will happen soon, and I will post pics and more updates shortly.

I miss everyone so much. The weather here is the worst and can kind of be depressing, but I am really enjoying speaking French and am looking forward to Jordan's arrival in less than 2 weeks and my vacation in Sweden in 2.5 weeks. Thank god, I finally get to go to a country where things actually will get done....

Gros bisous to all!

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