Saturday, September 26, 2009

Housing in Lille: I need a tent

So, I have concluded yet another futile day of searching for housing in Lille. I have sent out as many "feelers" as I can, sent out millions upon millions of emails and phone calls to results on, and every other housing site there is in France. I've pretty much almost given up. So here is what I plan to do:

1. Wait and hopefully my contact will find something for me in Valenciennes
2. Stay in Lille with my friend as long as I can, try and get as much of my paper work that I need to do to stay in France done, and then Jordan will be here and we can bum around until vacation time. Go on vacation. Get back. If there is still no housing, just peace out of here and travel around a bit
3. Rent a parking space and put up a tent in Lille
4. Buy an RV and put it somewhere
5. Try and get my paper work taken care of in France and then move to Sweden
6. Try and get my paper work taken care of and move back to Aix

I'm to the point of "whatever" I might as well enjoy myself now, just know that things work themselves out, and hope this will too. I'll try and figure something out, otherwise I'll jsut buy a plane ticket somewhere else. Thanks France!

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