Saturday, September 26, 2009

Continuing in Lille

I have been in Lille almost a week now, but unfortunately there have not been too many new revelations since my last post. I am still homeless and on the hunt for a somewhat decent apartment here (I am viewing 2 studios today, so hopefully that will go well), so my days are spent desperately emailing and calling prospective homes and then meandering around the city with my fellow teaching assistants, exploring our new home and trying to enjoy this new, beautiful experience of ours, without freaking out about all of the silly details of homes, paychecks, social security, bank accounts and the like.

On a positive note one of my contacts from a school I am teaching out called me yesterday. She assured me someone has been looking for housing for me in Valenciennes (where I am teaching) and that they would call once they had something. That's great, but I don't want to live in Valenciennes, so I am hoping I can take care of this housing deal on my own. But we shall see...

Mostly today I guess I just wanted to share a few pictures of my last few days of exploring. That is more fun than reading anyways, right? Hopefully there will be more news after the weekend...

They have a Scandinavian restaurant here :) that is a good sign

Of course with a Swedish plate (there also were Scandinavian salads at many of the restaurants I noticed. Maybe being up north has something to do with that?)

A street in Vieux Lille

Me and one of the Rachels (there are 2) in my American Assistants group. We are being tourists in front of the Opera

Look a gun shop!

Beautiful sunset view from where I am staying, at the Place de Jeanne d'Arc (that's a good coincidence)

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