Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amsterdam-The San Francisco of Europe

Amsterdam is by far one of the coolest cities in Europe. The instant I arrived I was all at once impressed, excited and at ease. The streets are peaceful, yet energetic. The intertwining streets and canals are more than just picturesque. This past weekend was such a treat for my senses and my mood--a treat that I was in desperate need for after some extra dreary and rainy days in Val. Really, that city is starting to get to me. I think some more weekend trips are in order.....(good thing small farm town, London and Sweden are coming up).

Anyways, in short I was completely blown away by this town, and am already planning trips back, as well as Jonatan's future shipping career there (it has the biggest port in Europe. I think it's a plan).

Jordan and I strolled around the Nine Streets neighborhood, visited the Anne Frank House (incredibly moving and the best "museum" experience of my life), attended the burlesque festival going on in a nearby circus tent by the shipyards and perused some prostitutes and coffee shops. An all around good weekend.

The people are as warm and open as San Franciscans, the townhouses were reminiscent of the brownstones of New York and throughout my whole stay I had the most comforting feeling of nostalgia. It was as if I was there before, but for the first time. And I can't wait to go back!

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