Monday, November 16, 2009

There is a cat garden by my apartment

One of the hardest things about living abroad for me is being away from my pets. The love and affection one can get from their animals is irreplaceable and unlike anything else. I envy those who took on the challenge of bringing their furry pals overseas (Jamie, if you are reading this, I am thoroughly jealous).

I miss my kitty Gracie so much and want more than anything to just snuggle her nose and babytalk her all night long. Come on, you know you would do it too.

So, to my very delight, I discovered a small patch of gated grass on my way home from school a few weeks ago that was covered with kitties! Black, white, gray, white and gray. They were all kittens the first time I saw them and have since grown.

But how cool is that?! A freaking garden of cats! There were at least 10 of them (though I was only able to capture a few on film).

As I was walking home today I noticed an old man putting around the garden distributing water and food to his feline friends (he must be the leader of the pride). I tried approaching one of the resting kittens and she looked quite curious and interested in who I was, but then got this manic look in the eye and the thought of french cat rabies quickly entered my mind.

I am going to monitor this cat garden phenomenon during my time here, but maybe I'll just keep my distance...

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