Monday, March 8, 2010


Le Château de Chantilly

I am back from yet another glorious weekend with my French family, the Gaudets.

It is always a treat, and such a pleasant time with them, and this time was not any different.

This time it was a true "family" weekend, spending much time with "les petits:" Pierre, Juliette and Matthieu. We played games, baked cakes and I learned how to play Wii games in French. Hyper bon!

Saturday evening quickly turned into another birthday celebration for me as the children found out I had my special day just a week before. We had champagne (not the kids), sang songs, ate cow tongue (not a part of the birthday celebration necessarily, and not all that bad) and shared a bottle of wine from my year of birth. How cool!

Sunday was a day in Chantilly, about an hour drive from the family home in Compiègne, touring the Château de Chantilly and its grounds. The chateau was breathtaking and the day was beautiful. I won't bore you with the history (though it is very interesting!) so here is some more information on the chateau and its inhabitants:

The best part: eating crème chantilly in Chantilly! It was one of the most decadent things I have tasted and completed this delicious weekend.

Merci famille Gaudet!

another view of the chateau

Raphaël's "Les Trois Grâces." The original was displayed in the gallery

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  1. Chantilly, I spent my last weekend with Frederi there, It is so petty!

    Ps. I'm catching up on your blog, I miss you!