Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amsterdam 4 Stars

And just when I was getting cocky with how perfect my life is :)

Here I am again at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, crashing in an airport hotel due to a flight cancellation. This time is a little bit different than before (in December I had to stay the night in a less than desirable airport hotel due to a flight cancellation to Göteborg because of weather conditions).

This occasion is thanks to the good ol' French and their lovely strikes. Oh Air France. At least they hooked me up with a complimentary stay at a 4 star hotel, dinner and breakfast and cable television. La chance!

Oh and p.s. I am 24 now. Let the mid-twenties begin!

Back to France now for trips to Remy, Compiègne, Aix and closing up shop in le Nord, then finally back to Sweden.....for good?

Bisous to all!

Braving the Swedish snow!

Semla time in Göteborg

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