Wednesday, April 14, 2010

America is my country and Göteborg is my hometown

They are putting up the ferris wheel now--summer is coming!!

I have, yet again, been neglecting this blog and now, I have no excuses. I am not incredibly busy and don't have a million things to do at once. Nope, for the past week and a half I have taken on the role of "Swedish housewife," and I think I might be taking it a bit too far.

My arrival in Sweden was, as always, a joyful one. After Jonatan picked me up from Landvetter airport we went straight up to his parents' home in Uddevalla to enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend with his father (his mother was down in Aix visiting Alex and the babies).

I always enjoy weekends in Uddevalla because I know I will sleep and eat well and enjoy quiet evenings reading or watching Svenska Hollywoodfruar :)

Last week, back in the city, the pleasantness continued. Jonatan is now working full-time at his internship, so the days are mine to have and do pretty much whatever I want in Göteborg.

So I have been meeting up with my friends in the American Women's Club of Göteborg (we are preparing for a big benefit cocktail party/concert to raise money for Bibi2bibi, along with the Yale Alley Cats who are coming to spend the weekend in our city), I admit, I have shopped a bit--but not too much, and I have been enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather we have been blessed with here. Early morning walks along the Göteborg harbor are such a treat with the shining sun!

However, the past two days I seem to have slightly fallen off my path of go-go-Göteborg and found myself sitting in my lounge clothes at 2:00 in the afternoon sipping a glass of white wine and watching Sex and the City (with Swedish subtitles!! I am also practicing my svenska while I am here!).

Ok, so new goals--start writing more regularly, get in shape, practice that Swedish and check out all the new exhibits in town. Because God knows I have the time!!

More updates to come!

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  1. add reading all the things my bff asks me to proofread to the list. :)