Friday, February 19, 2010

Cloud 9, or an overdose of euphoria?

For no particular reason I have been completely and blissfully happy this past week. Looking at my life right now there are actually a lot of major stresses circling around me--a lot of unanswered questions and various elements that I must sit and wait for--things that have the ability to drastically change my life for better or worse.

But, despite all of that, I have been looking back on the past three years of my life and realizing just how lucky I am. Yes, here it comes, a bunch of mushy, gooshy thank God kind of stuff. But truly, in my so-called adult life I have been doing everything I have ever dreamed of and more.

Travel, love. It makes my heart sing to know that in my opinion right now, I have it all.

I know by now that this feeling isn't going to last forever. So, despite from the hideous snow storm that is going on right now, I am going to love this day and everything about life right now ;)

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